All Things Housey

We have been in our first house now for around two months. We chose a lovely little bungalow to turn into our home. We know it’s not the typical first house for two people in their early twenties, but we love it……and I don’t have to hoover any stairs!

Our bungalow has loads of potential but currently looks like it belongs in the 60’s. The carpets are amazing and hide absolutely everything! :-/ My initial plan was to do all the decorating all at once so whilst my dad was plastering one room, we would be preparing the next room to be plastered. However, things don’t always go to plan and we found that once we started to strip the bedroom, there was mess everywhere and I don’t cope with mess very well.

So room 1 was the bedroom. It’s taken us over a month to finish but it’s finally done! We are just waiting for some picture frames to hang two prints but we are more or less there. I really love the fact that our first competed room is tidy and neat and I hope that we can get our fingers pulled out to do the rest of the house now!






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