Touch Down!

Yesterday we arrived in Houston. We booked this holiday 6 months ago, which feels ages ago but it has finally come around!
The flight was ok- we had nice chairs, a tv to ourselves and the normally horrible plane food was surprisingly nice! We buckled up to land and we hit a small amount of turbulence….enough to lift me out of my seat. I was scared and wanted to get off. 10 minutes later we were safely on the ground about to endure the 2 hour long immigration queue!
As we were in the airport, it started to chuck it down. As we drove to the B&B it thundered and it rained a little more. Adam looked like he wanted to throw himself out of the taxi window and I knew exactly what he was thinking….we’ve come all this way and its raining. I was half thinking the same but as we drove past the run down motels, chicken shacks and green leafy side streets, I remembered why I love coming on this type of holiday. I want to find out what places are really like….off the beaten track. I want to be able to go home and tell everyone about things that I know only a handful of other people have done! Our first 2 nights are in Houston, in a gorgeous B&B called Sara’s. It is like something out of a film, only we are here…actually staying in it!



One thought on “Touch Down!

  1. It looks lovely very much a film set poppy has been asking question about you hoilday and we looked at the map to see where u are hope the weather improves and keep blogging 🙂

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