Hickory Hollow

Our feet were aching from all of the walking so we sat on the terrace with a drink and enjoyed the sun. Up until now we hadn’t really had a discussion about where we were actually going to drive! We decided that in the morning, we were going to head across to Shreveport LA, nip through Arkansas and go to the tip of texas, Texarkana.

On our bus journey, we had driven past a BBQ place called Beavers, which was recommended in the guide book that I had. However, the Monday Monster struck again and it wasn’t open. We didn’t really want to head too far back into town so we hopped onto the bus and travelled down the road to where we had seen another BBQ joint, Hickory Hollow. From the outside, it was a small shack with a cool painted wall.



Adam ordered a chicken fried steak and I ordered a half rack of ribs. At home, I can eat half a rack without any problems. I was wrong at Hickory Hollow and should have ordered a quarter rack. The picture shows it well and it may surprise some of you, I didn’t finish my meal!




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