Shopping, Grand Prairie and the Big D

Our next ultimate destination was to be Dallas.
I also knew that just outside Dallas there was a small outlet mall that contained a Fox Racing shop. We lasted visited a Fox outlet in Vegas and ended up spending a fortune and bringing an extra case home with us. Fox Racing in Dallas didn’t disappoint us either…and we have bought another case to bring extra clothes home again.
We shopped until gone 6 and we were quite glad as it was chucking it down outside. We were loaded with bags and getting soaked. We headed to the nearest small town, which happened to be Grand Prairie.
It was mine and Camilla’s turn to spot and scout out somewhere to stay. The first motel we stopped at didn’t give us ANY good impressions. The man had to unlock the doors for us to even enquire about it. It smelt and had filthy carpets. We made a polite enquiry, left and both said no. The second was much better, had wifi and a Texas shaped waffle iron. We dropped our bags off and headed straight for tea as it was getting late.

We had spotted a grill and bar up the road but we were a little apprehensive as the car lot was full of trucks and it all the windows were blacked out. Make your own mind up about what we were thinking. However, it was a quaint little diner, with a pleasant waitress and even the sheriff was eating there! We knew it was going to be ok!






In the morning we headed for the Big D. We had read about a farmers market that spread over 10 blocks, so we parked up and headed for that. It was still windy and cold AND I was still wearing my mac in case of any sudden showers! It wasn’t quite what we expected as I think we arrived a little late. There were still rows of plants and vegetables but there were no farmers in sight at all. We did go into the indoor market and one of the few stalls open was a counter attached to smokehouse. We knew it must be good as the locals we queuing almost outside for the food. Adam and Barry both looked hugely disappointed as we walked past because it wasn’t lunch time yet.

We headed for a Mexican in Downtown D and then walked around the Old Red museum. Camilla and I aren’t really museum people. We look at pictures, watch the films and play with the interactive kids games whilst the men read everything and tell us the interesting bits. The highlight of the museum for me was the thermo pencil I bought in the gift shop. I can’t wait to show it to Class 2 as I am sure they will be just as excited as me!


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