Culture Explosion

We were stopping in San Antonio for 2 nights. This meant that we had the full day and evening to explore what San Antonio had to offer. We had read about the Segway tours and thought that this would be a perfect way to explore some of the best bits. However, we were disappointed on more than one occasion when we kept arriving at the office and nobody was there!
We started to walk to the Alamo when Adam realised that I had not put the battery back into the camera, so he and Barry walked back to the hotel whilst Camilla and I sat in the square.
The Alamo was ok. The grounds were gorgeous and wildlife was thriving. I knew a little bit about the Alamo and I would have liked to find out more but I found that there was FAR too much reading and I was a little dubious about some of the exhibits. It doesn’t fill me with confidence when an exhibit says that things ‘possibly may have been used’.


We walked to a place that had been noted in the guide book as a TexMex market with many traditional Mexican items. We found it easily and I loved it. There were so many bright colours and a lot seemed to be handcrafted. The shops sold a lot of colourful pottery, a lot of which were based around religion. Many a bargain was to be had and we came away with quite a few carrier bags again!




Our shopping was briefly interrupted by a snow cone snack, which turned my lips and tongue very red!





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