First project and first mistakes!

I absolutely love the fabric they use in Ikea and their curtains are like none of the others you normally see in typical ‘home ware’ shops.  We bought some curtains a while ago and I had put off hanging them as I knew they needed altering and I didn’t have a machine.  So now I have a machine, my first job was to tackle the curtains!

The curtains were 3 metres in length so I needed to cut a whole metre off them for them to fit in our house.  Yes that’s right….. a whole metre of spare matching fabric for me to have a play with later!

I know that there is a proper way to alter curtains but I couldn’t remember it and as this was my first little ‘go’ at using the machine, I wanted to use something quite basic.  So I folded the bottom of the curtain over and stitched two straight lines.  Basic I know, but I think it looks ok as my first attempt at anything!

2 image 3

Curtains up and I now had all this matching fabric to do something with.  I decided to make matching curtain tie backs and a couple of cushion covers.

I made a simple tie back design and drew it onto the reverse of the fabric.  I then created a small hem, added ribbon and a large button.  Standing at a distance, these tie backs don’t look bad at all but I have learnt a couple of things from making these.

1.  Try not to draw directly onto the fabric with a pen that will not wash off.  See picture for messy reverse of curtain tie back 😦

2.  Use interfacing….which I only remembered about after I had made the tie backs.




With the remaining fabric, I made 2 cushion covers.  Doing the basic structure was fine.  I had made a neat edge along the top, sewn the fabric together and turned them the right way.  Sorted.

I then hand stitched 3 buttons along the top of each cover.  I now had to tackle the button holes.  I never make anything easy for myself and I had used large thick buttons.  I just used the simple 4 step process on the machine settings, but I think next time I would like to try something a little neater.  The first couple were a bit wonky but the others seemed to look acceptable!  I just need the sofa bed to put them onto now 🙂






Let me know what you think...

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