Frustrated……… and pleased!

Project number 2 was to alter our curtains in the dining room.

Project number 2 was to make some nice tie backs to accompany said curtains.

Project number 2 was very frustrating and made me want to throw the curtains of the window that they were surrounding.

Project number 2 was eventually successful and the curtains are now up.


The idea was to alter the curtains exactly as I had done the others.  Fold along the bottom and stitch.  I just presumed that this would work again.  However, this did not work as these curtains had a lining and the stitching I had done created a huge sag along the bottom of the curtain!  I then sat for a good hour and unpicked 2 curtain widths of stitching.  Well done me!

Once unpicked, I then folded just the main fabric up and pinned in place.  This worked and we now have two curtains that are the right length in the dining room.

Next on the list was more tie backs.  After making a few mistakes on the other ones, I decided to try a different method for these ones.  I made my template and cut out 2 pieces of grey fabric and 2 pieces of interfacing for each tie back.  The interfacing was applied to the grey and then right sides together, they were pinned to match.

photo 1


I then stitched around the edge of the interfacing template, leaving a gap on one edge for the fabric to be pulled through.  I then pulled the fabric through so the right sides were now on the outside.  I forgot to trim the excess fabric off one of the tie backs so the corners were a little bulky.  I remembered to do this though for the next one!

With the tie backs the right way, I then ironed and stitched them around the edge, making sure that the gap I had left was now stitched up.  These tie backs were having rings on the ends so as I was stitching around the edge I folded a small part over.

photo 2

The rings were then pulled through and a little button added.  I am a lot happier with these tie backs and they almost look shop bought!

photo 3

These photo’s do seem quite blurred……I will pay more attention next time!


Let me know what you think...

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