3 bags and 24 hours later


  I was feeling a lot more confident with my machine and felt like I should try and stretch my skills a little bit!  I had bought a couple of zips a few days ago and spent many hours searching for tutorials on Pinterest!

The first tutorial was for the zipped pouch on the right.  I used the tutorial from Sara Unplugged but I changed the size of my fabric to suit my zip.  This is a great tutorial to follow; easy for beginners like me anyway!

I was very impressed with my first ever zipper pouch even though the zip wasn’t straight and the corners were scrunched! :-/

I had also seen a slightly different tutorial on Punkin Patterns and loved how this pouch had a coloured panel on the base, boxed corners and an alternative way to insert zips.  So I gave it a try…. finished bag is the one on the left.

I cut the fabric for the outside of the pouch and for the lining.  Easy peasy!


This tutorial called for edges to be placed onto the zip before it was attached to the other fabric.  I liked this method as it seemed to finish the zip off before it had even been inserted into the pouch!



With the zip prepared, the outer pieces were stitched together and interfacing was ironed onto the wrong side of the outer fabric.  I then made the ‘zip sandwich’ to sew the zip.



Outer pieces and the lining was then stitched and the corners were boxed.  The zip seemed to look loads better than the one on the first pouch!  However, it was a lot harder to sew as 6 layers of fabric and a zip had to be pushed through the machine and I snapped 2…. yes 2!! needles in the process!

Finished product 🙂



I was super happy with the panelled pouch and didn’t want to stop sewing…… I was on a role!

I then made another bag with a button and fold over top.  The panels of fabric fitted fantastically and I was pleased with the bound button hole I stitched using the instructions from The Little Tailoress.  It looked fab!  I attached the lining for the pouch and then realised that I hadn’t made a hole in the lining for the button to go through!  So I had to bodge a bit of stitching but thankfully it is half hidden!



3 bags done in 24 hours…. well, less really as I have slept!


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