Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils: Sugar Scrubs


I have been wanting to try essential oils for some time now as I read so many blogs that rave about their uses.  Needless to say, I was very excited when I was recently sent lemon & peppermint essential oils from InstaNatural.  A gorgeous aroma of lemon & peppermint filled the air when I opened my parcel 🙂 Happy Natalie! I’m really impressed with the size of the bottles too…these are going to last ages 🙂 Amazon link here!

Threads & Bobbins

I see essential oil posts on Pinterest daily that list the uses of these oils so I’m looking forward to trying a few of them out.

Lemon Essential Oil:
– Beauty uses (lip balm, sugar scrub, body butter etc)
– Bug deterrent
– Foot softener
– Cleaner
– Soothes colds & respiratory illness

Peppermint Essential Oil:
– Beauty uses (as above)
– Tummy troubles
– Spider deterrent (& tackles ticks on pets!)
– Toothache
– Headaches
– Cleaner

I haven’t had these long, so haven’t taken full advantage of their many uses yet.  I do just love the smell of them both though 🙂  I have already put a couple of drops of peppermint on our bedding so our bedroom smells just like candy canes 😀  We have a garbage disposal thing in our sink that can get a little smelly so I’ve dropped some of the lemon oil down the sink too.

Out of everything, I really really wanted to try to make some sugar scrubs using the essential oils.  I thought one of each lemon & peppermint would be a nice little thing to have in the bathroom.  I’ve seen that some people use these sugar scrubs in the shower or bath, and some people use them as a hand scrub too.

I started with the following ingredients:
– InstNatural lemon & peppermint essential oils
– coconut oil
– cane sugar
– tea bags (one of each flavour)
– food colouring
– container (I bought these jars from Joanns but you can pick them up in a lot of places!)
– fabric to add a pretty touch at the end


I mixed 3/4 cup sugar, 1/3 cup of oil, 10 drops essential oil & the contents of the tea bag together.  I chose to add the tea bag so the sugar scrub would have more of a textured effect rather than looking just like ‘sugar’.  Some people like to add seeds or herbs too.

contents in bowls

boring scrubs

Once everything has been mixed together, you may want to add more sugar or oil depending on the texture you desire.  I also added 1 drop of food colouring to each mix to make the scrubs look a little nicer.  Be careful though…if you add too much you may end up with green or yellow skin once you have washed your scrub off! :-0

Threads & Bobbins

Threads & Bobbins

Once the scrubs had been transferred to the jars, I then cut out a 6″ square of fabric with my pinking shears to cover the jar.  If you search on Pinterest, there are loads of ideas on how to decorate your jars.  I chose this one because I like using fabric, it looks pretty & it will help remove any excess oil from the jars if I spill any over the sides.

Threads & Bobbins

That’s it!  All done!  I can’t wait to use these now 🙂  My skin will smell delicious and I’m hoping the smell will linger in the bathroom for a while once I have showered.

Have you ever made your own sugar scrubs?  Did you use essential oils? Let me know your favourite fragrances…I really want to attempt a chocolate one!


This post is powered by Brandbacker.  Samples received complimentary from InstaNatural for reviewing purposes.


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