Goals: September 2015

Even though I was quite late in posting my goals for August, I feel like I made great progress with them and met the majority.

I have really started to make use of the planner I purchased – I’m even starting to decorate it and personalise it more for me.  Some planner pages (search Pinterest) are crazy organised and so pretty.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get there with having themed weeks but mine is definitely organised.  I’m currently using it to plan meals, chores, crafting projects, sewing and blog posts.  I’m officially rubbish at drinking water so I’m trying to record what I drink in the hope that it will make me realise that I’m not drinking enough.  I also find it useful to write down which pen pal letters have been sent & received on certain days too.

Bonnell dresses

I ended up making a total of 4 Bonnell dresses in August: 3 wearable muslins + the final Art Gallery Fabric make.  I also got the pillowcases made to match the comforters we had bought; 2 for each set.  I didn’t get round to making another wrap dress but I did find the fabric (below) I want to use for it, in the sale of course so I bought 4 yards.

Some months are better than others with reading; I’ve been dipping into all three of the books I listed to read but not finished them yet!

I tried really hard to make better meals for us during August.  I actually went through one cook book and made all the meals that we wanted to make, totalling around 9 I think.  We have been much healthier at home but we have also eaten out a lot. :-/


  1.  Organise fabric stash & assign patterns to fabric.  Once organised make 4 garments, including a pair of Ultimate trousers.

2.  Finish reading Wasteland, V For Vendetta & The Other Life.


3.  Spend 2+ hours on the little Westie cross-stitch.


4.  Spend as little money as possible to try and save as much as possible.  Adam and I have decided to go on a spending ban for a couple of months. :-0 We only want to spend money on essentials, like food & petrol.  I kept a log for what we spent in August and was extremely surprised at how much money we actually spent – the little things sure do add up!  Hopefully the log for September will be much better!

5.  Dedicate more time to training Maisy each week – possibly scheduled time rather than just whenever we remember.

See you in October 🙂

13 thoughts on “Goals: September 2015

  1. Beautiful dresses, I especially like the middle one. I am always attracted by yellow and orange colours but rarely use them for myself, just not brave enough. Good luck with your goals this month. x

    1. Thank you – they are going to be blogged about separately this week too. I really love the orange fabric – so much that I may even go back for more!

  2. It sounds like you’re getting a system going that’s working pretty well for you. Yay you! Have a wonderful (and productive) September!

  3. Congrats on using your planner so effectively. I am rubbish (as you would say) in that department, but always working on it. Your goals are quite reasonable, I think and should be doable. At first glance I thought you tried 91 recipes!!

  4. Those dresses are in such pretty prints. After our extravagance over the Summer, we’re trying to really cut back on the spending too, especially the smaller ‘frittering’, easy so far as we’ve been so busy, but time will tell…

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