My Fabric Stash #getoutofmystash

I’d already got a fabric stash blog on my list to write, but then I watched Hila’s #getoutofmystash vlog and was inspired to do something similar.  My fabric stash is not a big one at all; one big box and four smaller ones.  Even though it isn’t big, I’m still conscious that I’ve already spent money on it and it’s just been in a cupboard for a while.


My main aim this year is to use up the fabric I have in my stash, including those fabrics that may be tricky to use.  I also want to donate any fabrics that I won’t be using to our Art centre, or maybe even a local school if they need them.

I’ve done another vlog to give you a tour of my stash and to share some my intentions for a couple of sewing projects.  I’m working on making my vlogs a little shorter but I couldn’t manage to cut any more of this one out!  If you have any suggestions for any of the fabrics I have got, please let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “My Fabric Stash #getoutofmystash

  1. Hello there! This is the first time iIve actually left a comment on your blog! Well done Mum for finally working out how to do it! 😊 They all look gorgeous fabrics & my first thought on the printed flowy ones was some sort of wrap around dress or skirts for the summer – you’d be nice & cool in them. The grey, black & jade ones will look fabulous as blouses for work. Oh & have a rummage through your oddments for me – you could make me some scarves for when I’m a baldy in a month or so! 😉 happy sewing! ️Xxx

    1. Hello! Glad you managed to work it out you technophobe! 🙂 I think I’ll definitely be making a wrap dress with one cotton, similar to the one I made a couple of years ago. I’ve just ordered a nice blouse pattern so joint it works well with drapey fabrics. I think some of those 1 yard cuts will be perfect for some scarves so I’ll have to get busy 🙂 xx

  2. Its interesting listening to other bloggers, no one sounds like you think they do!
    Those first drapy fabrics made me think of a waterfall cardigan.

    I like the idea of doing something like this, I really need to get round to sorting out and using some of my stash. I have made a bit of a dent sewing up about 10m of it in a last week – lots of dresses, but not for me so it doesn’t really count in my mind :p

    I find the Renfrew Tshirt pattern is great for using up smaller amounts of fabric I can generally get it out of less than 1m if I’m not doing long sleeves.

    The sheer fabrics I think a Meliot shirt would work nicely

    1. Haha! I know right…and I do think that a little bit of Southern Alabama is creeping into my Yorkshire accent! 10m! That’s a huge dent! Thank you for that shirt link, that looks great! Going to check out the renfrew too. Thank you!

  3. I donated my fabric that I “just had to have”!! :o) I took it to Salvation Army. I’m a lot older than you, 60 ;o) And it took me this long to realize- do not buy the fabric unless you need it now! (I had collected waaay too much wilderness patterned fabric) Luckily I have a large family and after a 20 year sewing break. (what can I say, Walmart ready made was cheaper) I’m back sewing like crazy! My youngest boys have new pants made from 90’s fabric! LOL!!

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