Sunday Sevens


I had an idea for a blog post, involving my life and photography.  Then I thought that I would share this idea with you to see if anyone else fancied joining in!  Hopefully, it will be more than just me doing it 🙂

One photo taken per day of the week.  That photo must portray a little bit of your life.  It might be sewing, baking, reading….but it can also be other things too!  Blogs are great as you get to search for posts and topics that you are interested in.  We gain little bits of knowledge about the author of the blog but not too much; it’s almost always related to the post being written!  However, my little bloggeroos, we do things everyday that are worthwhile but they just won’t make a blogpost.

So each Sunday, you put the photos that you have taken together in a blog post.  You can add text, but you don’t need to!  You then share it with the world.  Add the tag ‘SundaySevens’, search for the hashtag #sundaysevens on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and I will add your blog to the Pinterest Board ‘Sunday Sevens’.  There aren’t any strict rules for this, I know I will be Tweeting and Instagraming a few photos before Sunday……but they will all be compiled in one blog on Sunday 🙂  You can just get involved on the Social Media sites too…you don’t need to have a blog!  Go On…Show Us What You’re Made Of!

AND…if you are getting involved you can grab one of the buttons below!

*** These buttons were working on the original post, and now they seem to be a little broken!  If they don’t work for you, try saving the button image in your media library and inserting an image widget, linking the image back to the original post 🙂  If anyone with button knowledge can help, feel free to get in touch***

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