Atlanta Travelling…The Right Way

Baaahhh…this post was supposed to be finished a few weeks ago as we went to Atlanta at the end of Feb! ¬†I’m still putting it up though as hopefully you’ll still find it interesting ūüôā

Since moving to Alabama, we’ve been up to Atlanta every year to watch the Supercross at the Georgia Dome. ¬†Atlanta is a 5 hour drive away for us and each time we’ve been, we have driven up on the Saturday morning and travelled home Sunday morning after we’ve visited Ikea. ¬† This year, we wanted to experience Atlanta properly and do something more than just the supercross, so we decided to stay for 2 nights and do a few ‘touristy’ things.

On the Friday morning, we dropped the dogs off at their daycare place and started our journey. ¬†After searching a few things to do on Pinterest, I found a Google Maps tour of The Walking Dead filming locations. ¬†Quite a lot of them were grouped together and they were on our route anyway so we decided to go and have a look as we are quite big Walking Dead fans! ¬†A couple of locations were just derelict buildings/streets and weren’t too exciting. ¬†Then we managed to find Alexandria, some abandoned train tracks and the town that is Woodbury in the show! ¬†If you’re a fan of the show you’ll definitely recognise some of these locations. ¬†To top our experience off we ate in Norman Reedus’s restaurant and visited a themed gift shop, which had actual show props in the basement!




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Sunday Sevens #92 – Catch Up Time!

Surprise Surprise! Here I am doing a Sunday Sevens post…on a Sunday (well in my half of the world anyway)…the last Sunday Sevens post I wrote was back in August! Crazy! ¬†Well, here I am writing another and I’m hoping that they will become a little more regular. ¬†I’m really trying with my time management at the moment!

The last ‘homey’ style blog I wrote was about our trip to California. ¬†I’ve done quite a bit since then so here’s a few catch up photos. ūüôā

Here’s your Maisy & Buzz fix. ¬†Still as cute and cheeky as ever!




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Review: Ipsy & Boxycharm January 2017

When I blogged about my Birchbox subscription a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had also subscribed to a couple of others.  Well, here they are!  I decided to show you my January 2017 Ipsy & Boxycharm packages in one blog/vlog.

Ipsy is a subscription bag rather than a box and costs $10 each month.  It contains 5 sample sized products AND you get it in a cute little bag!


Boxycharm is slightly different as you get 5 full sized products but it’s slightly higher priced at $21. ¬†I’ve pictured both below & also talked about them in the vlog. ¬†Let me know what you think to each. ¬†Have you ever used any of the products I’ve received?


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Review: Home Sewn by Cassandra Ellis + Giveaway

Due to life being extremely busy of late, I’m only just getting round to writing about a book I received last year from Blogging for Books. ¬†When I made my last selection I can remember how great it was that there was finally a sewing book! ¬†Of course, I didn’t hesitate when choosing AT ALL.

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My Fabric Stash #getoutofmystash

I’d already got a fabric stash blog on my list to write, but then I watched Hila’s #getoutofmystash vlog and was inspired to do something similar. ¬†My fabric stash is not a big one at all; one big box and four smaller ones. ¬†Even though it isn’t big, I’m still conscious that I’ve already spent money on it and it’s just been in a cupboard for a while.


My main aim this year is to use up the fabric I have in my stash, including those fabrics that may be tricky to use. ¬†I also want to donate any fabrics that I won’t be using to our Art centre, or maybe even a local school if they need them.

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California Dreaming – January 2017

Last weekend Adam and I went over to California for a long weekend away. ¬†After our busy December, we were so ready to just get away and ‘almost’ relax. ¬†Our main reason for heading to Anaheim was to go and watch the third round of the 2017 Supercross season; something we try to go and to each year. ¬†My brother was also on holiday and was going to the Supercross so we also met up with him a couple of times while we were there.


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