Sunday Sevens #10

Wow! Week 10 already! Here are 7 photos from my week 🙂

1. STILL eating Halloween candy.

#sundaysevens #10

2. Getting creative for a Christmas advent swap.

#sundaysevens #10

3. All squares and fabric cut for my comforter project….all 132 squares.

#sundaysevens #10

4. My desk has had all sorts on it this week! Stamps, letters, crochet and sewing!

#sundaysevens #10

5. Decorating envelopes ready to send for Christmas!

decorated envelope

6. Found a crochet flower pattern that I’m happy to use as Christmas decorations.

#sundaysevens #10

7.  Fondue tea at The Melting Pot… our new favourite restaurant!


If you are reading this for the first time, Sunday Sevens is a blog series where you can showcase a photo from each day of your week on your blog or other social media platforms.  If you want to get involved, grab the image below to pop into your sidebar and link it back to me.  I put all posts onto a Pinterest board, which is here.

240 x 240

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #10

  1. You’re certainly feeling Christmassy this week!
    Sorry I haven’t done Sunday Sevens for several weeks – life’s too busy 🙁

  2. Love the little rectangular snowmen – what are they? Also you’ve inspired me to make a bit of extra effort in decorating Christmas envelopes and parcels. Oh, and I LOVE washi tape too 🙂

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