Sunday Sevens #36

Yey! Back to posting on a Sunday! Well, technically it is Sunday in the US but Monday in the UK 🙂

I feel like I have really got into the swing of things this week and have been quite productive!

1. They are replacing a lot of the roofing at the apartments and the building work puts Maisy off walking. She lays down every time we pass a large vehicle or a skip! Fun!


2. I started a new make!


3. And completed it the next day…blog to follow.


4. I was in a great sewing mood so did another top over a couple of days…another blog to follow!


5. I washed my makeup brushes – something I should do every week but I have only done it once this month 🙁


6. I caught up with a lot of penpal replies in between sewing.


7. We FINALLY have our shelves up and some pretty kitchen bits. I still need to put some prints up to add a little more colour 🙂


sunday sevens new logo

If you are here for the first time… I’m going to give you the low down on the Sunday Sevens blog series.  Each week, we do things that don’t necessarily warrant a full blog post.  You may have made a nice meal, grabbed some bargains on a shopping trip, had a family day out, spotted some beautiful scenery or just done something you feel you want to share.  A Sunday Sevens blog post is the place to share those things.  You take 7 images from your week and post them every Sunday with a small description.  Tag your post using #sundaysevens on your blog and social media.  I also pin the posts onto the Sunday Sevens Pinterest Board.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #36

    1. Thanks! I am really liking the space now it has something in it…I just need to figure out what to put on the bottom 🙂

  1. Oh dear, I have NEVER washed my make up brushes, not that I use them much! The shelves look great, very pretty filled like that. Lovin’ the new clothes too!

  2. Love all the trinkets on the shelves! The makeup brush thing made me laugh – mine are lucky if they get a wash once a year! 😬 I was very envious of your sewing productivity last week, I need to catch up!

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