Sunday Sevens #54

Well, it’s been a hot one here this week. I’m so desperate for cooler weather, Autumn leaves and pumpkins. I’ve not actually been that busy this week…and when we did go out, I completely forgot to take photographs! Doh! This week I’ve only got 6 fumbled together pics. :-/

1. I was very eager to get my first pair of trousers made. I really like them! I will do better pictures and a thorough run through for a blog post soon.


2. I then went on to making a second pair…these will be in another blog post too.


3. There’s going to be a slight overload of dog photos as this is all I have from this week! :-0 Maisy has a habit of hiding her dental chews in really strange places. She doesn’t do it with any of her other treats! I count find her anywhere the other morning and she had shuffled into the coffee table space!


4. This was just too cute not to photograph. πŸ™‚


5. We are looking after Sophie again for a few days this week. Here’s me trying to walk both dogs… I think I may need to walk them separately as Maisy just wants to play.


6. It’s very different having a bigger dog in the apartment!


7. (no photo for this one but still wanted to tell you!) On Saturday we went to Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and a shark came so close to the shore. Luckily everyone got out of the sea safely but it was so surreal to see a real shark out of an aquarium!

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #54

  1. We’re both having close encounters with sharks! That seems pretty unusual, for one to come close enough for you to see it. The fit looks really good on your trousers (almost wrote “pants,” but I’m getting better at switching between dialects). πŸ˜‰ Hoping for some autumn to get there soon!

    1. We were pretty surprised about the shark and I think everyone else was with how quick they left the sea! Another reason for me to only dip my toes :-0 I keep forgetting that I’m in America -I should be using ‘fall’ and ‘pants’! It’s so hard to change the words you are used to using! πŸ˜€

      1. I wouldn’t worry about those ones, as they’re used here, too. “Boot” is one I always have to take a second and figure out. And “pissed,” as it has quite a different meaning here! Brits seem to have a million slang words having to do with drinking, many more than we have here (draw what conclusions you will from that). πŸ˜‰

  2. The child in me can’t help sniggering at the different meanings of the word ‘fanny’! Your first pair of trousers must have been a great success if you went straight on to make another pair. Maisy cracks me up – she’s so cute:)

      1. Yes, you don’t want to use the term “fanny pack” while in the UK. You might not get the reaction you would expect. πŸ˜‰

    1. Horrors! I replied to another post that I needed to get my fanny to the fabric store! Now that you’ve explained I must notify Linda of my ignorance (although I suspect it is abundantly clear). Funny stuff, language and slang.

  3. Love those fancy pants! Aren’t our furry friends so funny? Maisy looks a bit guilty for having been caught. (maybe she was hiding her special treat from the big dog) And you can’t post too many pictures of her, she is just so cute.

  4. That’s exciting/terrifying about the shark – pics next time please! 😬 So funny that Maisy loves to hide dental chews just like Winnie-pig! I’m very impressed with your new trousers, once again you’re spurring me on to push myself out of my comfort zone and give some a try myself ASAP!

  5. Funky trousers! I’m glad you are still calling them trousers not pants haha!
    Wow that would have really been something if you had a photo of the shark! Scary!

    1. I know – we didn’t have our phones on us to take a picture πŸ™ We are going again this weekend so maybe I’ll see another :-/
      Yes I think that’s one word that I will not be changing; I just can not call trousers pants!

    1. The Cigarette pants from the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book πŸ™‚ Really enjoyed making them – just need some better photos for a blog post!

  6. Lovely trousers, they look like a great fit!!! My lovely cotton sateen arrived today and I’m now thinking of using it for trousers…. Can’t decide between Ginger Jeans or Ultimate trousers, both of which I have but have never sewn.
    Re language, the one thing that’s throwing me is ‘half six’. My Canadian friends/colleagues look at me blankly unless I say six thirty, or half past six. Lazy Brit! And Canadians have washrooms, Americans have restrooms, and Brits have a loo!

    1. It’s funny isn’t it how language can be different – I still can’t get used to changing some of the words I’ve used for so long!
      I think the sateen would make great trousers! πŸ˜€

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