Sunday Sevens #68

There we go…didn’t it go quickly! Only another 11 months until the festivities begin again 😀 I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed it spending with your family and friends.
As this post goes live, Adam and I are actually living it up in Las Vegas celebrating our first wedding anniversary! I’m hoping that all the photographs appear nicely and the rest of the post is in order…if not…tough…I don’t get back home until Tuesday! 🙂

1. We have been well and truly stuffed this week with all the food we’ve eaten!  Isn’t that what the run up to Christmas is about though?!  Here we are at our local bar – can you tell which one of us has had a drink…or 2?


2. Then we were treat to a chicken roast dinner made by Mum & Dad! Even yummier!!


3. I visited a Waffle House for the first time, and didn’t get waffles! I ate a very filling breakfast instead 😀


4. We got our tree ready for the big day!


5. Watched Nativity on Christmas Eve and stroked a tired westie!


6. Untitled

7. We then packed for our little trip to Vegas and Maisy wanted to get packed too!


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19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #68

  1. She’s done it again, that Maisy steals the show every time! Congratulations on your anniversary and hope you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy Christmas.

    1. Thank you! You should definitely try to get there; there’s so much more to it than drinking & gambling! We love walking around the hotels & this time we visited a couple of museums that were great too 😀

    1. Thank you! I did check on my phone on Sunday but I know that they can sometimes look different on the laptop screen! Glad it looks ok 🙂

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