Sew Selfless September Update


At the beginning of September I came across a post by Jess at the Sometimes Sewist and joined her in pledging to Sew Selflessly in September.  I actually made a pledge to make at least 3 items for other people.  Well, I have exceeded my pledged amount and have already heard that the recipients of my gifts love them!

You may have already seen the posts for the Quilted Farm Book and the Owl Tag Toys.  If not, feel free to click the links and have a read.





I have also made a few other items for people back in the UK, but can’t post the full blog post until they have received them.  Here is a little sneaky peek!

snapshot of gfts

With 5 days of September left, I am not sure if I will get the chance to make anything else for others but I am very pleased with what I have made up to now 🙂  Thanks Jess!

Top Ten Reads

I was challenged by Camilla at Making at Marking to list my top ten books.  Read her post here.  I must say that I found this post hard!!  For the last 7 years, I don’t think I have read more than 2 books due to my time being taken up with other things; mainly university studies and teaching.  I read loads in my mid to late teens but can’t remember many titles!

So here goes!  Some are a little abstract :-/

1.  Harry Potter (Full collection…predicatable)


These were normally my holiday books growing up.  My Mum works for a book supplier and I always had one on order for the first day of release 🙂  I was the typical teenager who secretly wanted to be a wizard, now I’m ‘grown-up’ I don’t mind admitting it!  It’s spellbinding (see what I did there!) how this imaginary world was created to seem so real.