Talented Tuesday Link Party – No. 23


 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 23!

Happy Easter everyone!  We had lots of bunny themed link ups last week and many of them were also linked to Spring.  It was lovely to look through them all.  Make sure to link up at the bottom and check out what we have been up to too 🙂

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Sketch by France Belleville-Van Stone


I’ve never really been able to draw.  I can copy images quite well if they are in front of me but my freestyle drawing is quite honestly pants!  Proportion is my biggest problem.  People will have one leg bigger than the other, animals won’t have the right sized bodies and buildings are always a little bit on the wonky side.  However, I do really enjoy drawing.  I’ve always wanted to take a sketch book and some pencils, sit on a bench overlooking a gorgeous landscape and draw away for hours.  I’ve got the sketch book and pencils but I haven’t made it out of the door with them yet!