Quiche & Chunky Fries

quiche & chunky fries with text
One of my favourite things to eat is quiche.  I like it hot and cold, with lots of different fillings.  I used to love going to the deli counter in the supermarkets in England to buy a ready made quiche.  I can’t seem to find any here in Alabama though, so I set myself the task of making one for dinner the other night.

First 5 Tried & Tested

I wanted to share 5 recipes with you that we have tried over the last couple of weeks.  After starting a ‘meal ideas’ board on Pinterest I thought that I had better start working through some of them.

We quite like trying new things but both Adam and I can be a little fussy.  He doesn’t really like any vegetables apart from carrots and peas.  I can’t eat prawns or a lot of peppers because it upsets my tummy!  Recently we have just been recycling the same recipes over and over because we like them.  But, we had decided that we wanted a bit more variety.

These are the ones that we have tried, loved and will be eating again!  They all made enough portions for 2-3 meals so we still have some left to eat in our freezer.

I would love to know if you have tried these already or are going to try them.

1.  Tex Mex Chicken Casserole from Bites of Bri.