Tucked Away Treasures

Before heading off on our road trip, we walked 5 minutes down the road to a shop we had seen the previous day. This was an antiques store, but a very interesting antiques store. On the front stood a battered old Amish cart, alongside vintage drinks crates and planters made from corrugated steel. It looked like a treasure cove waiting to be explored.
We eagerly waited for the owner to open up and we edged in. There were many items that we could have bought for the house but couldn’t as we wouldn’t be able to get them back the UK without major cost. Around every corner, there was something waiting to be picked up and thought about. I find it odd to think that all of the stuff in the store has a history. Where has it been? What has it been used for? Who did it belong to? Some items creeped me out a lot, you will see why when I upload more pictures, but for now, here’s a couple to keep you intrigued!




Houston here we come!

After filling our faces with the breakfast from Sara’s (eggs, fresh fruit, muffins, waffles, toast!!), we jumped on the number 50 and headed into a misty Downtown Houston.
We started to wander around and look for something to do. Our obvious first choice was to head for the shops, however we couldn’t find any! I seemed to get the feeling that Houston is more of a business city as wherever we walked, there just seemed to be offices upon offices upon offices. We then saw signs for the network of underground tunnels, which pretty much link all of the main buildings. Again, very few shops were in the tunnels but they were jammed with places to eat! Once the cities lunch hour started the tunnels were heaving with city slickers…once the lunch hour was over, the tunnels were quiet. Very bizarre!
However, the lack of shops didn’t stop us exploring Houston. We walked through a lovely small park, tried to find Chinatown, tried to walk in Sam Houston park (it was closed) and tried to visit a couple of museums (they also close on Mondays!). Even though we didn’t have a list of things we had ‘seen’ and ‘done’, I had still enjoyed exploring the other parts that not everyone might go to. We also walked about 4 miles and I got pink shoulders!



We headed back to Houston Heights but got off our bus further up the road so that we could wander around the neighbourhood. To be honest, I got more satisfaction wandering around these parts than the city. We found an old thrift store and a couple of interesting antique furniture shops. The thing I loved the most, and I am beginning to see this in most places that we visit, is the contrast in culture and architecture as you walk along one street. There are huge Victorian mansions which look like they are part of a movie set….and then there are small wooden shack houses that have great personality and character; a real mix of American culture.