Beautiful Brownies

When we arrived in the USA (10 weeks ago!), I was getting frustrated with shopping for food, especially baking items. ¬†I had been confused in the baking aisle many times as I just couldn’t find what I wanted and then gave up ūüė¶ ¬†I made some buns using a ready mix but they didn’t taste like my baking so I didn’t like them!

I came home and took to the internet to find the US equivalents to icing sugar, caster sugar and the flours that are used in baking. I felt much better once I had made a list and was ready to tackle the baking aisle again.  Success…woohoo!  I came home with ALL of the ingredients that I wanted.

The first thing I wanted to bake were these Peppermint frosted fudge brownies.  The recipe appeared to be straight forward and it was!  The brownie mixture came together perfectly and it was lovely to smell a homemade mixture.  Yes, there is a difference between homemade and shop bought mixture smells!

Ingredients & mixing