Top Ten Reads

I was challenged by Camilla at Making at Marking to list my top ten books.  Read her post here.  I must say that I found this post hard!!  For the last 7 years, I don’t think I have read more than 2 books due to my time being taken up with other things; mainly university studies and teaching.  I read loads in my mid to late teens but can’t remember many titles!

So here goes!  Some are a little abstract :-/

1.  Harry Potter (Full collection…predicatable)


These were normally my holiday books growing up.  My Mum works for a book supplier and I always had one on order for the first day of release 🙂  I was the typical teenager who secretly wanted to be a wizard, now I’m ‘grown-up’ I don’t mind admitting it!  It’s spellbinding (see what I did there!) how this imaginary world was created to seem so real.