Keeping Austin Wierd

Our next and final destination was to be Austin. We arrived at lunch and planned to stay for one night as we needed to be closer to the airport for our final night.

“Keep Austin Wierd” intrigued me the most. I wanted to know what exactly made Austin have this reputation! As we drove in, down 6th street, I noticed many bars, places to eat and small gift shops. They didn’t look ‘wierd’ but they went on and on for a good half mile if not more.

We found a hotel, dropped off our luggage and walked down to a sushi restaurant I had noticed on the drive in. Adam wasn’t too keen on the idea, even though he eats at Yo Sushi at home, and kept saying that he would just have a bag a crisps. He soon changed his mind when he saw the chicken gyoza and teriyaki! Camilla and I shared salmon and tuna maki and I followed it up with ramen.



We then headed over to a Segway tour that we had booked during lunch. We had a quick demo and graduated as ‘Segsperts’. We took to the Segways and glided around the streets of Austin. This was a two hour tour so we seemed to cover the whole city and stop at certain points for interesting facts from our tour guides. I loved this and we will definitely be looking into a Segway tour for when we go to Vegas. I am slightly envious of Adam though, as he was super good on it and was even taking pictures whilst on the move!






Our tour finished and we went back to the hotel to have a quick dip in the pool. We got ready for our evening at strolled across to Congress Bridge. From March through to October, thousands of bats nest under the bridge and fly out at dusk. We waited around 30 minutes for the bats to appear and they sure did appear! Thousands were circling below us and were flying out in streams and streams. Again, photo opportunities were not great due to the speed of the bats and lack of light. However, if you look carefully below, you may see a grey patch of bats! :-/


Stubbs BBQ joint was where we ate and to our delight 2 Door Cinema Club were playing that night. For many reasons, this was a great night. The ribs were gorgeous, the portions were huge and the security liked us!



Yes, Austin was wierd but it was also cool and different. The people that walked the streets were unique, we saw a man get searched by the police for a knife(that was in his trousers!), people were friendly and some scruffy musical types were too friendly as they walked down the street busking and asking for change.

…but, hey, they are the ones that are keeping Austin wierd!

One thought on “Keeping Austin Wierd

  1. Love the Stubbs sign ….. Family name so its a blast seeing it in neon! Name originate in Yorkshire, England but our family found their way south towards London. Thanks for checking out my blog x

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