Talented Tuesday Link Party – No. 14

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 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 14!

Superbowl…what did you think to it?  I’ve never really experienced it before at all but thought I had better get into it a little bit more now I’m in the US.  There were LOADS of Super Bowl party posts flying around and I loved seeing how creative people were being.  I tuned in for the half time show and loved Miss Perry and Missy Elliott!  We watched a little bit of the game but I still can’t get my head around American football so we didn’t watch it all 🙂  I’m looking forward to seeing your linked up posts this week…I wonder whether there will be any Superbowl ones?

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Sunday Sevens


I had an idea for a blog post, involving my life and photography.  Then I thought that I would share this idea with you to see if anyone else fancied joining in!  Hopefully, it will be more than just me doing it 🙂

One photo taken per day of the week.  That photo must portray a little bit of your life.  It might be sewing, baking, reading….but it can also be other things too!  Blogs are great as you get to search for posts and topics that you are interested in.  We gain little bits of knowledge about the author of the blog but not too much; it’s almost always related to the post being written!  However, my little bloggeroos, we do things everyday that are worthwhile but they just won’t make a blogpost.