Cluck Cluck

We knew that we wanted to visit Big Bend National Park, but we also knew that it was a very long drive to get there. We decided to split the drive with a stop in San Angelo, described in the guide book as another small town oozing with history and character. We drove into the centre and saw many antique shops but no hotels. We found a guest house but we did not want to be guests there as it looked very dodgy! We also found the listed 14 story Cactus hotel but it seemed old and quite dilapidated. We tried all doors to the Cactus and we couldn’t get in.
There was one more place to try which sounded quite odd in the guide book but we went to check it out anyway. I mean, who would want to stop at an old chicken farm with converted silo’s???
Driving down to the farm was tight and we couldn’t see anyone about. Camilla and I got out and tried to find an office. The courtyard was lined with lanterns, stone statues and small art studios. I was very intrigued. We spotted that one studio still had a light on so we crept in and shouted for someone. No answer. No one to be seen apart from a human sized cardboard box with a hole in the side that was labelled “do not look inside”. We didn’t look inside but stepped out of the studio to be faced with a bearded young man with no shoes on. He immediately asked if we were looking in his studio and wanted to know if we had looked in the box. I don’t think he believed us when we said that we hadn’t. W explained that we wanted a place to stay and he led us to a small house at the back. Bearing in mind that it was nearly 8pm, we both thought that we wouldn’t be stopping here and we would be sent on our travels.
A lady came to see us and as we started to talk, our accent made more of an impression than we did. She got the keys to the rooms she had left and led us to see them. I was impressed from the moment we stepped through the door to the room. Needless to say, we accepted both rooms.
We stayed in the French room. Susan described this as her family memory room, with her husband’s childhood bed frame, her grandmother’s sewing table and her great grandmother’s needlework.
Check out the Inn at the Chicken Farm Art Centre.
Definitely worth a visit if you are in this area.


Keep a look out for another blog on this place once I have got home and taken photos off the camera 🙂

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