Blakeley & Bugs

Independence Day is something we have never celebrated before and now it ia national holiday that we get to be involved in! Adam got Friday off work so we had a great 3 day weekend 🙂

We knew that we weren’t going to be heading out to watch any fireworks as we couldn’t leave Maisy alone so we ended up going for a nice walk & an explore Saturday morning.  We headed to Blakeley State Park, which is around a 10 minute drive from us.  It was $3 per adult to enter and we got a map, a self-guided tour and a bit of historical literature.  We parked up and decided to have a wander on our own rather than use the guide.  It was so hot and we knew that we wouldn’t get it all done in a couple of hours.






The history of the park is quite interesting and is Blakeley is now known as a ghost town, only there aren’t any buildings left as nature has taken over the site over the years.  It was a very picturesque woodland and a perfect place to photograph 3 new dresses for blog posts.  We explored the walkways and just had a couple of hours taking in nature.  The park is right on the Tensaw River Delta so I was on the lookout for alligators.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any!  We did see a range of bugs.  Thank fully though, all bugs kept their distance and even posed for a few photos. 🙂







10 thoughts on “Blakeley & Bugs

  1. Love that tree with a hiding place, but not liking them bugs!! I’d have dropped my camera if I’d have taken pics of them and they decided to move! 😳

  2. Did you get caught out changing dresses for the photo shoot?! I wouldn’t be getting my kit off with all those bugs around for fear of one of them crawling inside – yuk!

    1. Ha! Luckily our truck has tinted windows, so changing outfits wasn’t too bad….I think I confused a few walkers with the changing outfits though 🙂

  3. I’m definitely jealous of your proximity to a national park, but less so of some of the wildlife 😬 Alligator spotting sounds fun though – at a distance! Looking forward to seeing photos of your makes with such a stunning backdrop 🙂

    1. I was quite surprised at how nice it was and we didn’t even walk around half of it! I was a little scared of walking through the woodland trails because of the insects, I didn’t mind the boarded trails though 🙂

  4. Love your dragonfly photo! We’ve got some bright blue ones around here, and I’m forever trying to shoot them and not being fast enough. Looks like such a beautiful place.

    I hope Maisy wasn’t too scared by the fireworks on the 4th. We got lucky here–usually people buy them and shoot them off for days, but I think all the press about the fire in Wenatchee (and the pleadings by the local fire chiefs) kept that to a minimum. It’s been so hot and dry here that fireworks are particularly dangerous now; a wheat field a few miles away from our house burned just the other day.

    1. I’ve never seen dragonflies that big! They were quite still too when resting- perfect for photos!
      Wow- fireworks and dry fields doesn’t sound like a great combination! Maisy was fine when inside but she was scared whenever we went outside :-/

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