Blakeley & Bugs

Independence Day is something we have never celebrated before and now it ia national holiday that we get to be involved in! Adam got Friday off work so we had a great 3 day weekend 🙂

We knew that we weren’t going to be heading out to watch any fireworks as we couldn’t leave Maisy alone so we ended up going for a nice walk & an explore Saturday morning.  We headed to Blakeley State Park, which is around a 10 minute drive from us.  It was $3 per adult to enter and we got a map, a self-guided tour and a bit of historical literature.  We parked up and decided to have a wander on our own rather than use the guide.  It was so hot and we knew that we wouldn’t get it all done in a couple of hours.


Sunday Sevens #41

Well, it has been an odd week for me! Somehow I managed to properly lose a day…obviously I did things every day which I can remember but it got to Wednesday and Adam told me that it was Thursday! I was very confused :-0 Despite thinking that I had lost a day, I had another productive week.

1. I had a trip to my local fabric store. It’s closer than Joann’s and I think it’s a smaller chain store. All cotton between $5 and $10 had 40% off, plus they had discounts on their bolt ends. I bought quite a bit but it was all under $4 per yard.