Review: Q&A a Day for Creatives: A 4-Year Journal by Potter Style

Some months ago, I saw a book being blogged about that was a journal for a year, and each day had its own suggestive sentence that you completed.  I enjoyed the style of the book and thought it was a nice idea to have a different type of diary that you could look back on to see what thoughts you were having on a particular day.  I searched for the book and placed it on my Amazon wish list.

When I finally got around to choosing my next review book from Blogging For Books, I noticed a very similar book to the one I had seen before…only it was better and much more suited to someone like myself!


Q&A a Day for Creatives is your go-to source for inspiration, whimsy, and idea generation. Each page of this four-year journal features a compelling question designed to get you thinking drawing, and dreaming. Open the journal to today’s date and fill in the appropriate space as you see fit. (Pencil doodles? Watercolor? Musical scales?) As the journal fills year after year, you’ll own a showcase of your ever-growing creative output. (Excerpt from book blurb)

There are two things that I particularly love about this book. The first one being that it is based on sketching rather that writing.  Each day has a prompt for you to sketch something, some are quite broad too, allowing you to be as creative as you want, and then other prompts are quite specific.


The second thing that I really like is that it is a four year journal.  So the idea is that you sketch every day over a four year period.  Each page prompt page has four sections and in each section you write the year you are doing your sketch in.  Then each year on the same day, you have the same prompt but I should imagine you would draw something slightly different each year depending on how you were feeling.


The only improvement I would suggest for this book is for it have a harder/ sturdier cover.  The current cover is thick yardstick which isn’t quite as thick as a normal hardback book.  My prediction is that my copy will get quite battered if I’m using it everyday for 4 years!

I think this journal would make a great gift for anyone who is creative or arty, and I think they are a really great price too!  There are actually a few other journal type books by the same company that would also make great gifts if you haven’t got a creative person in your life!

You may have noticed that I haven’t started sketching in it yet…I’m going to start mine on January 1st! 🙂

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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