An Unsure 2215 with a few adjustments

Another Cynthia Rowley pattern! This collarless shirt dress can be plain but also has an option for fringing. I chose to go with the plain; view A.


This dress was constructed in the wrong order completely! I ran out of interfacing & didn’t have the zip I needed :-0 So I started with pleating the skirt & finishing the raw edges with an overlock stitch. I would have liked to use French seams but the side zip got in the way so I gave up!  Once I had interfacing, I carried on with the rest of the construction.


Cynthia Rowley 1873

The Cynthia Rowley 1873 was one of my target makes for June.  I set up a little Facebook group for a few other bloggers who also wanted to sew this garment and it was great to sew along with them.  Sharing fabric ideas, progress and sewing tips was lovely to do and it was nice to be able to share certain things before actually writing the proper blog post.


Cynthia Rowley 1873 – Sew Along With Me!

sewalong image

I posted this pattern earlier in the week as one of my goals to make within June.  Camilla suggested a sew along and Katy expressed that she would like to join in too!  So, I’m opening it up to anyone else who might want to make this with us. 🙂

There aren’t going to be any set rules for this sew along but hopefully we will be able to publish blog posts at around the same time to share our experiences of making one of the garments.  That’s right, you could make any of the views, though I will be making the dress in view B.  As this is one of my June goals, I’m planning to blog about it the week beginning June 28th.  If you are joining in, you could do your post around then but there are no rules so it can be later or earlier!

I’m hoping that anyone who would like to sew along with us is also on Facebook.  I’ve made this private group so that we can post any updates or questions.  I thought that this would be easier than doing lots of little blog posts!

Just let me know if you are going to join in so I can add you to the group or click the above link and request to join!  🙂

Don’t worry if you aren’t on Facebook though…You can still blog about your make!