Chalk & Notch Fringe Pattern Update!

Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress

This is such a cute pattern! I always see a lot of Chalk & Notch patterns floating around on Instagram, particularly the Fringe Dress/Blouse. I was so excited to hear that Gabriela was updating the pattern and making a C/D bust version too.

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Butterick 6217 – The Gertie Top

Butterick 6217

I can remember seeing this pattern a long time ago, when I had first started to seriously have a go at making my own clothes.  The Butterick 6217 pattern has been sitting in my closet for around 4 years!  I know I bought it when there was a sale on the McCall’s website.  I seem to remember that they do a really good sale every now and again.  I don’t think that I paid more than $4 for the pattern.  I always thought that this was a beautiful pattern but it was way above my sewing level.


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Gertie Sews Vintage Casual – Zip Front Dress


This dress has been on my list to make for a LONG time! I put it on my Make Nine plans for last year and just got round to sewing it up a couple of days before 2018 ended. I had always known which fabric I wanted to use for it too so that made it slightly easier to get motivated for it.


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Sew Over It Lily Top


*face palm* I was given this maternity/nursing pattern quite a while ago but only got round to making it when I was in the final stages of nursing. BUT I do feel like this is one of those patterns that would be absolutely fine to wear if you aren’t pregnant and if you aren’t nursing!

The Lily top is one of the maternity patterns from Sew Over It London and you may remember that I made another one of their maternity pattens early last year. I’ll be honest and say that I was quite anxious to make this one as I didn’t love the fit of the Blossom dress that I had made. I went with a size 10 for this top as the finished garment measurement showed quite a lot of ease and I didn’t want it to be too loose on me.
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Colette Wren Dress

Colette Wren Dress

Another one ticked off the #2018MakeNine list!


I had a really hard time deciding on which version of this Colette Wren dress to make.  I love anything without sleeves so version 1 appealed to me the most.  However, after reading a few reviews, I realized that the skirt might not be so flattering on my tummy.  The gathered skirt on version 2 looks lovely and flattering though so I decided to combine the two and use the bodice of version 1 with the skirt of version 2.

Colette Wren Dress

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2019 Make Nine Plans


I’m joining in with Rochelle’s #MakeNine challenge again for 2019. I really enjoyed having goals to meet last year and managed to make seven out of the nine. Having a plan to work along to really works for my organized little brain. As you can see above, I’ve chosen a mix of patterns for both Rosie & I. Last year I chose a few patterns that were PDF patterns and this year, I’ve chosen patterns from my physical stash instead.  I’m really looking forward to following everyone else’s Make Nine challenges too.  Let me know if you are doing the challenge and drop your link in the comments!
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