Chalk & Notch Fringe Pattern Update!

Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress

This is such a cute pattern! I always see a lot of Chalk & Notch patterns floating around on Instagram, particularly the Fringe Dress/Blouse. I was so excited to hear that Gabriela was updating the pattern and making a C/D bust version too.

Testing this pattern for Chalk & Notch was an absolute dream. Everything was so organized, with clear dates and specifications. This was the first time I’ve worked within a private Facebook group for the test and thought that it worked so well.

My measurements put me at a size 10 with the C/D bust adjustment and I had decided to make the button front dress. As I’m on the smaller side height-wise, I also made two further changes to the pattern. I shortened the bodice and skirt by 1″ each. There are really clear directions for altering the length and making other adjustments in the instruction booklet. In fact, the whole instruction booklet is set out so clearly, so the whole construction of the dress was straightforward enough for me to get this finished over a few hours.

Three are a couple of options with this pattern, including different sleeve finishes, a cut out neckline rather than a button down, and also a blouse option. I went slightly wrong with the placing of my buttons and should have checked the button placement guide more throughly but the dress is still completely wearable. The Fringe pattern is designed to have quite a good amount of ease, which makes it really comfortable. I’m also going to make the next size down to see how a smaller version of the dress would look.

Head over to Chalk & Notch to find the new updated Fringe pattern on sale until 25th March 2019!

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