Butterick 6217 – The Gertie Top

Butterick 6217

I can remember seeing this pattern a long time ago, when I had first started to seriously have a go at making my own clothes.  The Butterick 6217 pattern has been sitting in my closet for around 4 years!  I know I bought it when there was a sale on the McCall’s website.  I seem to remember that they do a really good sale every now and again.  I don’t think that I paid more than $4 for the pattern.  I always thought that this was a beautiful pattern but it was way above my sewing level.


For my #2019MakeNine plans, I wanted to include this one as a bit of a learning curve for me as I knew it would have a lot of pattern pieces and construction techniques.


I got this out of the closet and before I’d even selected my fabric, I’d realized that I had made a big mistake with buying the pattern…I’d bought the wrong size.  The version that I had bought only went up to a size 12 but my measurements put me at a size 16. 😦 I was disappointed but I still really wanted to make it, and as it was a ‘Big 4’ pattern I decided to go ahead and start making the size 12 as some of their patterns fall on the bigger side anyway.

Butterick 6217

At the corners of the neckline bodice and front facing, there were reinforcement sewing lines which were to be sewn and then have the corners clipped.  These sewing lines were supposed to be inside the seam allowance but when I attached the facings and flipped everything right side round, you could see the reinforcement lines on the outside!  There was also a tiny hole where the corners hadn’t matched up too.  I don’t know what had happened with that!  Perhaps I hadn’t copied the lines properly or pinned the facings on correctly.  I didn’t worry too much about it though as I knew that this was probably going to be a toile due to the sizing.

However, once I had most of the bodice constructed, I tried it on and was very surprised when I could hold it fastened at the front! So it wasn’t going to be a waste after all!


The tie detail at the front is really nice and I think it adds a nice bit of extra detail to the bust.  I’ve still not perfecting tying the  ties though.  I like the petal sleeves too…even though I had to reinsert them as I’d basted them together too small!  After taking them out and reinserting them I had a tiny it of extra sleeve so it became a little added pleat.


I learnt a lot making this pattern as there were so many construction techniques that I’d just not done for a while.  It was nice to have something a little more technical to sew.


The finished item actually looks quite nice on.  I do have to wear a vest top under it though as it’s quite low on me!  If I were to make this one again, I would possibly take a look at altering the neckline slightly so it doesn’t stand away from my chest as much.  I did have a good browse at this pattern’s # on Instagram and saw a raised neckline on quite a few others.  This made me feel slightly better but I think I could still get a better fit.



Pattern: Butterick 6217
Fabric: Cotton from Joanns.  $2.99 yard.  This is slightly heavier than quilting weight cotton.
Sewing Level: Intermediate as there are quite a few different techniques used.
Time: 4-5 hours
Would I make it again?: Yes but would look at fitting the neckline better
Size made: Size 12

2 thoughts on “Butterick 6217 – The Gertie Top

  1. So many beautiful features on this top! I love the tie detail at the bust – again, you’re inspiring me to dig a similar one out of my stash. Those sleeves are really lovely too. Is it indecent without a top underneath or will it be ok for warmer weather?

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