Oliver + S Culottes


As I was browsing the Fabrciworm sale, I came across this adorable dusky blue lion fabric by Camelot Fabrics and knew that I had to buy some.  Luckily, when I’m making clothes for Rosie, they only require about a yard of fabric so I purchased a yard and got to having a think about what I would make with it.


I’ve never made culottes before so I thought that making these Oliver + S ones for a baby might be slightly easier than making them for myself.  I traced off the 12-18 month size and got to cutting out the pattern pieces.  I was indecisive about whether or not to include the pockets as babies don’t really have anything to put into pockets!  But, in order to give me a true idea of how these are made I thought that I’d better include them.


I switched between my regular machine and overlocker again, using the overlocker wherever possible.  This meant that I only did the waistband, basting and hem with the regular machine.  Every time I make something, I’m finding that the overlocker just speeds up the whole process so much.


The pockets were constructed in a way that I had never seen or done before.  They were basted closed so the waistband could be completed and then unpicked afterwards.  I actually liked doing it this way as it made the pocket look really neat against the side seam.


The hem was a tricky one and one that I had to adapt.  I ended up only folding up half of what the instructions suggested and I still found that I got a tiny little pleat due to the excess fabric.  The instructions do suggest pulling some of the threads on the fold line but I couldn’t access them as they were already folded under.  The unwanted pleat only presented itself once I was actually sewing the hem and it’s on the inside so it’s not obvious at all.  I’ll probably reduce the folded hem even more if I make another set of these.


I really like how the insides are finished.  They are probably the best looking insides I’ve made for a while!  These fit Rosie perfectly and look lovely on her.  It looks like a long skirt but actually allows her to have separate leg movements which is essential for her crawling.  She gets extremely frustrated when wearing longer dresses as her knees get caught up in the fabric.  It is HARD to get photos of her wearing anything at the moment as she moving around so quickly so here are the best ones!



Pattern: Oliver + S Culottes
Fabric: Camelot fabrics from Fabricworm.  $4 yard
Sewing Level: Beginner
Time: 2 hrs
Would I make it again?: Yes – Don’t take as much up for the hem next time.
Size made: 12-18 months

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