Colette Wren Dress

Colette Wren Dress

Another one ticked off the #2018MakeNine list!


I had a really hard time deciding on which version of this Colette Wren dress to make.  I love anything without sleeves so version 1 appealed to me the most.  However, after reading a few reviews, I realized that the skirt might not be so flattering on my tummy.  The gathered skirt on version 2 looks lovely and flattering though so I decided to combine the two and use the bodice of version 1 with the skirt of version 2.

Colette Wren Dress

I used some fabric in my stash in an attempt to make some kind of dent in it! This brown floral knit is medium weight which makes this nice for a dress to wear in Autumn and Winter.  I know you will probably think I’m crazy for not wanting sleeves for an Autumn/Winter dress but I find that sleeves get in the way. AND we still have crazy warm weather here in Winter in Alabama!

Colette Wren Dress

The gathered shoulder detail on the front looks really nice, though I feel like this is slightly lost with the florals on the fabric.  I also like how the knit fabric ensures that the wrap over part of the bodice isn’t entirely fixed.  So if I want to wear it covering more, I can just readjust.  The pattern was a great one to follow and I feel like it would be an easy make for a beginner.

Colette Wren Dress

Once finished, I thought that the seam between the skirt and bodice front sat slightly higher than needed.  I’m presuming that’s due to the type of fabric and how the wrap over part of the bodice was attached to the gathered skirt.  I also slightly regretting choosing to make a sleeveless version. I just think that without fabric on my arms, the dress makes me look very busty!  I may look into adding sleeves in the future but for now I’m happy with wearing it with a cardigan!

Pattern: Colette Wren
Fabric: Knit from Joanns. $4 per yard
Sewing Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Time: 3 hrs
Would I make it again?: Yes
Size made: Medium

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