Goals: July 2015

Back at the start of June, I set myself a few goals to try and reach within the month. This was after reading a similar post from Handmade by Hannah. I actually really enjoyed having goals/ targets for the month as it spurred me on to complete things a little more than usual. So for July, I’m going to review the goals I set myself in June and set new ones for this month. 🙂 Woohoo to goal setting!

I managed to get the Samantha Hayes book finished just in time for the end of the month! Read the review here.

Two garments were created from vintage patterns. The crossover dress & a sleeveless blouse, which still needs to be blogged about! One of the patterns turned out to be a size 24 and even though I could have redrafted the pattern, I couldn’t really be bothered so I didn’t use it. This has made me want to recycle some of my vintage patterns; the ones that I know I won’t be using due to size. If you fancy any of the ones below, let me know and I can post them out … Sharing is caring 🙂


Setting Goals for June 2015

I’ve seen a couple of goal blog posts before, mainly over on Handmade By Hannah, and I always feel very inspired after reading them.  There’s something about writing things down and almost being accountable for them…even if it is only in the blogging world!

So here are my goals for June 2015!  I will review the goals at the start of July and set some more. 🙂

Do you set goals for yourself?  Do you write them down anywhere? It would be great to hear what you think to my goals…hopefully they are achievable!

1.  I started this Westie cross-stitch ages ago.  I got this from my Grandma for my birthday in December and I feel like it should be done by now as it is very small!  I need to get it finished & framed by the end of June!