Oh Little Alcove…What Shall You Be?

alcove with text

This space is in our new apartment.  As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for a sewing/ craft space!  My sewing machine could be out, I could put some shelves up and organise everything nicely.  However, I then realised that the space is directly opposite the kitchen and is included in the hallway space.  I don’t mind being in the way of walking down the hallway as it’s only Adam who would be walking past but I’m worried about kitchen smells.  Do I really want to be sewing a lovely dress and then cooking chicken fajitas mid make?

Enticing Entranceway Art

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 17.09.42

For quite a while I’ve been pinning photos of gorgeous entranceways and porches that are just scrumptious!  I particularly love how artwork and photographs can change the mood of a place and make a home feel welcoming.  Our house in the UK had a porch but it was just a place to put your coats and shoes.  We didn’t really get chance to make our entrance hallway the way we wanted it either before we came across to the US.  In a few months, we are hoping to move to a bigger place as we are currently in a one bed apartment…with no entrance hallway for me to decorate!