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For quite a while I’ve been pinning photos of gorgeous entranceways and porches that are just scrumptious!  I particularly love how artwork and photographs can change the mood of a place and make a home feel welcoming.  Our house in the UK had a porch but it was just a place to put your coats and shoes.  We didn’t really get chance to make our entrance hallway the way we wanted it either before we came across to the US.  In a few months, we are hoping to move to a bigger place as we are currently in a one bed apartment…with no entrance hallway for me to decorate!

I’ve found that homes in the US have a different layout and possibly a different function to those in the UK.  I feel like it’s much more of a thing here in the States to have a welcoming area in your home; somewhere to greet guests, put your keys and organise post.  This does sound strange to write but the majority of homes in the UK use a side or back door as the main entrance and not the front door where the ‘proper’ entrance is.  I have no idea why!  So rather than entering into a hallway you may enter directly into the kitchen or conservatory.  This means that a lot of entrance ways where the front door is aren’t actually used.  I hope that makes sense to you readers!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having an area to decorate with the sole purpose of it being the entranceway into my home; a place to make people feel welcome.  Here are a few pictures to show the kind of decor that I really like, all of which showcase a piece or multiple pieces of artwork and photography.


Photo source: Country Living

The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photography-16Photo source: The Every Girl

74c7456de53408f7569877604ba9c77ePhoto source: Holly Mathis

I came across minted.com last week and haven’t been able to pull myself away since!  The site showcases work from independent artists and is known as a design marketplace.  They host challenges, where artists and designers submit work to fit a design brief.  The public vote and the winning designs are chosen and sold as art, home decor, stationery and fabric…which is another addiction of mine!

I love browsing through the art collection and adding them to my favourites.  The ones below are the prints that could be possibilities for an entranceway.  Let me know which ones you like!

Minted.com art prints


Minted also do a custom art range which is also extremely lush!  I am a huge fan of anything personalised.  I really like their state and marriage custom art prints so I couldn’t resist making a couple up quickly 🙂

minted custom art

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  1. I like number 6 although I’m not really sure why it’s standing out for me. I suppose it makes you want to look closer to see what it’s all about.

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