Sunday Sevens #55

This week seems to have gone on forever to me and I feel like I’ve been busy…but when I now look back, I don’t think I was actually that busy! Does anyone else have weeks like that?! Sophie dog-sitting went smoothly but I was glad to be back to one non-shedding dog on Wednesday. 🙂

1. Both dogs seemed to be quite relaxed around each other for most of the time.

Sunday sevens 27th Sept

Sunday Sevens #50

For once, I’m doing an early post! I’m planning on being super productive today, so thought I would get Sunday Sevens done and dusted early 🙂 Enjoy!

1. We dog sat for a couple of days at the start of the week. It was lovely for Maisy to have a play friend and a garden to run around in. Sophie dog was really well behaved too!


Talented Tuesday Link Party – No 18

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 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 18!

March already!  It really doesn’t seem two minutes since it was Christmas!  Crazy!  So with Spring in mind, I am hoping to see many bunny, egg and pastel posts linked up this week 🙂  Happy Linking!

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Enticing Entranceway Art

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For quite a while I’ve been pinning photos of gorgeous entranceways and porches that are just scrumptious!  I particularly love how artwork and photographs can change the mood of a place and make a home feel welcoming.  Our house in the UK had a porch but it was just a place to put your coats and shoes.  We didn’t really get chance to make our entrance hallway the way we wanted it either before we came across to the US.  In a few months, we are hoping to move to a bigger place as we are currently in a one bed apartment…with no entrance hallway for me to decorate!

Sketch by France Belleville-Van Stone


I’ve never really been able to draw.  I can copy images quite well if they are in front of me but my freestyle drawing is quite honestly pants!  Proportion is my biggest problem.  People will have one leg bigger than the other, animals won’t have the right sized bodies and buildings are always a little bit on the wonky side.  However, I do really enjoy drawing.  I’ve always wanted to take a sketch book and some pencils, sit on a bench overlooking a gorgeous landscape and draw away for hours.  I’ve got the sketch book and pencils but I haven’t made it out of the door with them yet!