Talented Tuesday Link Party – No.15

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 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 15!

So it’s Valentine’s day on Saturday so I’m expecting lots and lots of heart filled posts being linked up this week!  I have been getting craft with a couple of Valentine’s things this week but nothing too exciting really, just a little simple felt love heart.  Get linking up everyone!

Please remember to link no more than 3 posts up!

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Talented Tuesday Link Party – No. 12

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 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 12!

Last week was super busy for us at home, so I publicly apologising for lack of social media and blog posts!  We are currently selling our house back in the UK and we totally underestimated how complicated it would be!  We are hoping that all the paperwork is now done and dusted, for now anyway!  In between emails and phone calls, I managed to get a couple of items made and we had a lovely Saturday by the bay.

Keep linking up and showing off your talents!  I love spending time reading all the things you guys are sharing with us… thank you!

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Talented Tuesday Link Party – No.8


 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 8!

This week, we have all been busy sharing little bits of Christmas with you all… you may notice that our hostess projects for this week are themed because it’s almost CHRISTMAS!!  I am preparing for our parents and my brother to visit for 3 weeks.  Though they are not staying with us, we have still tried to be as Christmassy as possible.  Adam’s parents arrive tonight and mine arrive tomorrow with my brother.  :-0 Next week, we are skipping a link up with it being so close to Christmas.  Our next Talented Tuesday link party will be on the 30th December!  Make sure to follow us below and keep up to date with what we are getting up to over the Christmas period.  🙂

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Sunday Sevens


I had an idea for a blog post, involving my life and photography.  Then I thought that I would share this idea with you to see if anyone else fancied joining in!  Hopefully, it will be more than just me doing it 🙂

One photo taken per day of the week.  That photo must portray a little bit of your life.  It might be sewing, baking, reading….but it can also be other things too!  Blogs are great as you get to search for posts and topics that you are interested in.  We gain little bits of knowledge about the author of the blog but not too much; it’s almost always related to the post being written!  However, my little bloggeroos, we do things everyday that are worthwhile but they just won’t make a blogpost.