Painting Those Lashes!

Before I buy ANYTHING, I always research extensively into what it is that I might be buying.  Sometimes products exceed my expectations and sometimes they can leave me feeling a little disappointed.  I’ve been trying out a few different mascaras, trying to work out what works the best for me.  I wanted to share my opinions with the hope of helping my readers out with future mascara purchases!

1.  Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara  US LINK | UK LINK

I would class this as a slight impulse buy.  I wanted to buy a higher end mascara to wear on my wedding day. I did a quick check on the internet to see what would be available in my local beauty store and this was on offer at the time.  Before purchasing this, I had never bought anything other than drug store makeup!! Ever!! I did use Virgin Vie (Can anyone remember that?) for a while but that phase soon passed.

I love how this is applied – it doesn’t look ‘clumpy’ on the brush.  It goes on easily and gives a good layer on the first application.  It can be built up more if needed.  The only thing that puts me off this mascara is that it is quite difficult to remove!  Even with a lot of eye makeup remover!  I have to leave soaked pads on my eyelids for quite a while…it’s probably why they sell an eye makeup remover as an accompanying product!


Sunday Sevens #29

This week has been a lovely little week for me!

1. I made a smoothie for the first time ever in my life! Strawberries, raspberries, honey, greek yoghurt & porridge oats. I loved the taste but it wasn’t smooth enough for me so it made me gag after a cup full! Possibly too much information shared there?! It wasn’t wasted though. I’ve frozen the rest for an after dinner snack.


The Price of Beauty

Over the years, I’ve had periods of buying different kinds of beauty products; budget, expensive, organic & handmade. Each time I try these different products, I either like them or I don’t. I suppose I go through phases of using them and find I want to switch for no clear reason. I’m not sure why I do this, I just do!

Just as we left the UK, I had fallen into the habit of buying the same products and even brought a couple of month’s supply of make-up over to the States with me. I like using products that I know I like. I sometimes get a bit nervous of change, especially when it comes to make-up. Am I going to be too pale? Do I look like an Oompa-Loompa? Will it dry out my skin? anyway, a lot of questions are asked!

So… I ran out of my UK supplies and needed to buy some more make-up. We are also in the process of trying new beauty/skincare products that we have never had access too. As much as I would love to spend $10 on a designer hand soap and body wash, we are trying to spend as little as possible at the moment. The following products are my favourites of the ones I have tried so far and I wanted to share them with you! Some are available in the UK too 🙂