Sunday Sevens #29

This week has been a lovely little week for me!

1. I made a smoothie for the first time ever in my life! Strawberries, raspberries, honey, greek yoghurt & porridge oats. I loved the taste but it wasn’t smooth enough for me so it made me gag after a cup full! Possibly too much information shared there?! It wasn’t wasted though. I’ve frozen the rest for an after dinner snack.


2. Spring has sprung and the flowers around our apartment are starting to bloom.


3. My Mum sent us a lovely Easter package… most of which has already been eaten. She told me off via Skype for opening early. Adam also got a bottle of HP sauce. I’ve only just noticed that this photo is terribly focused too 😦


4. I’m in the process of making a blouse. It’s a project that I haven’t rushed so I already feel that it ‘might’ be a make that I’m happy with.


5. Take-away nachos! Yum 🙂


6. I took the plunge and ordered a full set of new makeup by BareMinerals. I’ve been wanting to change my make-up for a while as my cheaper stuff hasn’t been doing a lot for me lately. It just felt too heavy and unnatural. After a lot of research I went for BareMinerals, applying it all with brushes – no smearing it on with my hands. I am already in love with it! It feels so light and looks much more natural.  I managed to get it for a great price too with extras 🙂


7. After a day at the beach, we had a very tired puppy. She couldn’t get settled in the truck so climbed onto Adam’s lap for the drive home. Not the safest option we know but very cute!


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If you are here for the first time… I’m going to give you the low down on the Sunday Sevens blog series.  Each week, we do things that don’t necessarily warrant a full blog post.  You may have made a nice meal, grabbed some bargains on a shopping trip, had a family day out, spotted some beautiful scenery or just done something you feel you want to share.  A Sunday Sevens blog post is the place to share those things.  You take 7 images from your week and post them every Sunday with a small description.  Tag your post using #sundaysevens on your blog and social media.  I also pin the posts onto the Sunday Sevens Pinterest Board.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #29

    1. Yes I’ve realised that now too 🙂 I’m making mine in a a normal food processor so I think a proper smoothie blender would be better really 🙂

  1. Some nice things happening in your life! I’m glad to hear your latest project is going well and spring has reached you. I’m with you on the Easter treats, though; there’s no way I could have held onto that stuff until Easter, either. Have a great week!

  2. Going to the beach…..I’m jealous! My nearest is 90 miles away and at the minute it’s not quite the weather for it! Your nachos look like a very healthy takeaway! I always end up hungry after reading the sunday sevens!

    1. We are very lucky to be 30 minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico! I still needed to wear a cardigan though if that makes you feel any better! The nachos were the healthy option…until I covered them in melted cheese :-0

  3. I love smoothies. It might be smoother if you take out the oats and add a liquid. Maybe orange juice or milk instead of yogurt? Hope it makes a tasty after dinner snack though

    1. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I think I should probably be using a proper blender too rather than a food processor! I will keep going though and try a few more 🙂

      1. Ooo yes. I don’t have a food processor, but my blender is one of the best investments I’ve ever made

  4. The smoothie sounded lovely – great idea to freeze it too. I am looking forward to seeing your completed blouse as well as some pics of you wearing your new makeup 🙂

  5. I use a similar make up to Bare Minerals and it also has a ‘barely there’ feel which is great as I hate feeling as if my skin is clogged up! The puppy made me smile – sooooo cute!

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