Sunday Sevens #83

Here we are again! I think that this week has really flown by; I seem to blink and the week has passed so quickly! I’ve actually had a great little week this week 🙂 Adam & I have really made the effort to make the most of any time off we get together, so maybe that’s why the week has gone quickly?!
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Here are my Sunday Sevens for this week:

1. We headed down to the pier to walk the dogs just as the sun was setting. I missed the good sunset photo as it was unbelievably windy and I couldn’t control my hair enough to see! I did manage to get this photo though once we had found shelter…I wished that I had taken my big camera down with me…maybe next time. 🙂


The Art of Communication

I still find it hard to believe that I haven’t sent a text message for 3 months.  I haven’t had a working mobile phone whilst I have been in the US; apparently I should have one in the case of an emergency but I haven’t got round to buying one yet.  I still use my iPhone but only where I have wifi and all other communication happens via our laptop.

A few weeks ago, I wrote letters to Grandparents as I thought that it would be nice for them to receive mail from me while I’m in another country.  I then received a reply from my Grandma and loved reading it.  There are a few reasons why written letters appeal to me:

  • I can make sure my handwriting is still neat, something that is easily forgotten when we communicate so much through technology.
  • The anticipation of waiting for post and replies;  I love checking our mail box every day to see what we have received.
  • The thought that a piece of paper for me has travelled across the World makes me smile.
  • Making other people smile by sending them post also makes me smile!
  • Even though I don’t collect stamps or postcards (yet), I find it fascinating to see the different designs that are available in different countries.

When I was younger, probably between 7-10 years old, I had a few pen pals.  I can’t remember their names as I never kept in touch with them.  Writing letters to family made me think about how nice it would have been if I had kept in touch with those pen pals.  This led on to me doing a bit of research and signing up to 3 websites, all focused around sending/receiving post!