Sunday Sevens #83

Here we are again! I think that this week has really flown by; I seem to blink and the week has passed so quickly! I’ve actually had a great little week this week 🙂 Adam & I have really made the effort to make the most of any time off we get together, so maybe that’s why the week has gone quickly?!
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Here are my Sunday Sevens for this week:

1. We headed down to the pier to walk the dogs just as the sun was setting. I missed the good sunset photo as it was unbelievably windy and I couldn’t control my hair enough to see! I did manage to get this photo though once we had found shelter…I wished that I had taken my big camera down with me…maybe next time. 🙂


2. Maisy & Buzz have had a couple of dog park sessions this week and they have both loved it! They found a lovely little scottie dog to play with and the biggest hole to dig in together. It has however, confirmed that Buzz is only a terror puppy when he is on his leash. :-/


3. For most of the week, the dining table has looked like this! I AM slowly getting caught up with all of the letters/ replies I need to send out!


4. And our bedroom dresser has also looked like this (and still does!)! Does anyone else pile clothes up? I used to be so good at putting them away or in the laundry basket straight after I had taken them off!


5. I have found that the area in which we live in somewhat lacks international cuisine. We went across to the only Nepalese restaurant in the city on Friday evening. Their korma and tikka masala was delicious!


6. Our bikes were taken out of the garage for the first time since they were shipped across here. We did a lovely little 7 mile ride along Mobile Bay. I definitely need a comfier seat!


7. And finally, a cottage pie picture! Another dinner made by Adam! He’s getting quite ok at this cooking! 😀


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23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #83

  1. Quite ok? Be very grateful at all the cooking. My husband cooked twice last year! Lovely pictures, especially the dogs at play. Well done on a bike ride.

  2. Sounds like you have had another busy week. Your shepherds pie looks very tasty – what a treat to be cooked for. I find that my dog is much better off the lead than on it and it is always lovely to see them play with other dogs.
    Debbie x

    1. Yes it seemed to be very busy, but that’s how I like it 🙂 Shepherd’s pie tasted great…I even told him it was better than mine! I was getting a little worried about Buzz but I do realise now that he just wants to play and get attention; it’s just a loud bark for a little puppy! Xx

  3. That pier looks wonderful and Yes my bedroom looks worse than yours, somehow the large laundry bin doesn’t seem to be that hungry! I love going for a ride on my bike, we have a fab seafront that is very flat and is a great ride!

  4. What a fun week, and it looks like you’ve got some beautiful weather happening! I’m glad your whole household has been able to get out and enjoy it. And nice job on the Cottage Pie, Adam!

    1. We have had some great weather but it does look like we have a few storms heading in over the next couple of days 😦 hoping it picks up for the weekend so we can head out again!

      1. It was good, but at the last moment I didn’t do the potatoes & now wish I had. The chicken pie made yesterday, with scones atop, is delicious! Am really going to hate hot weather when it comes, now I’m getting my cooking mojo back.

  5. Lucky you having your dinner cooked for you! And no you are not alone with the pile of clothes I’m a terrible housewife. I spent ages at the weekend putting clothes away and the bedroom’s almost as bad again – I just can’t help myself…

    1. I do think it’s just a horrible cycle that is hard to get out of! The worse thing with ours is that the dresser is right next to the closet…no idea why I can’t just open the door to put them in there!!!

  6. Lovely photos of the bay and your bike ride sounds great, if sore 😳 Have you seen those cycling trousers you can get that are padded?! 😂 I think for once my bedroom might be tidier than yours! Although my mum is doing all my ironing at the min! So nice your dogs have been making friends too.

    1. Yes I have seen those shorts, my brother said I should buy some too! Don’t know what I feel about them though…may just get a cushioned seat! Haha…we don’t do ironing anymore! And our bedroom is back to being messy again this week! :-0

  7. Lovely week! The pups (naughty or nice) must be such fun, and what cute little friend they discovered. 7-mile bike ride! I’m so impressed. About that pile on the dresser….with great shame I must admit to having a similar pile on my own dresser. I’ll blame it on the fact that our dressers are poorly designed, especially mine, and we have teeny tiny closets! Will that work? The cottage pie looks delicious!

    1. Thank you! The dogs have made a few more friends this week too, including another Westie 🙂 I ended up taking the time to put all of my clothes away…but it’s back to being messy again now!

      1. Nice puppy friends…and oh the unending clothing dilemma. I have resorted to using part of my linen closet for clothes storage. Old house = teeny tiny closet!

  8. Thanks! Dog parks are just like kid’s parks, just for dogs! Our local one is a big fenced area with trees, a wooden gazebo, benches, doggy water fountains & even some toys! Alabama has a leash law so the parks are places where the dogs can just run around off their leads. They have an area for small dogs and an area for big dogs too! It’s great 😀

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