Starting on the List

We are in Mobile, AL for Adam’s work.  We are becoming more aware that we are not holiday so we are trying to eat more home cooked meals rather than going out.  When we are on holiday, we eat out every night.  As nice as it can be, it also costs more.  We have decided to eat out once (maybe twice) each week.  We still want to experience what food the USA has to offer us.  If we have friends and family over, we want to be able to take them to places we have tried and approved!

We decided to head out for some food last night.  Quite often we find ourselves driving or walking until we find somewhere that has something we fancy on the menu.  This can be great when you find a good place to eat, but not so good if the food isn’t that great and the online reviews we read afterwards are rubbish!

Last night we went to Kitchen on George.  This restaurant is #1 on the Tripadvisor restaurant list for Mobile.  We know that not everyone likes using the reviews.  I don’t always review everywhere we go so I presume that is the same for others too.  I generally write a review if the food is either outstanding or rubbish……I hardly ever review the ‘in the middle’ good food restaurants.  Anyway, with over 500 restaurants in the city, we have made the decision to work our way down the list.

Where better to start than number 1!

I didn’t actually think the restaurant would be in the location that it was.  It was nestled in the middle of a neighbourhood close to Downtown.  I had already pre-warned Adam that this would be different from the diners we have eaten in so far.  We sat down and automatically felt comfortable with the table service.  Our waiter was brilliant.  He described the specials with more adjectives than I could have even thought of!  Everything sounded gorgeous.  We were given warm focaccia with rosemary infused oil as a pre-meal snack.  The menu had little bits of all sorts on.  There were many tapas style options but none of them took Adam’s fancy so we went straight for a main meal.

I chose the Major Steak, served on a bed of new potatoes and asparagus.  Adam chose the Pork Tenderloin with mashed potato and chopped spicy sausage.  Both were mouth watering!  Due to the quality of the main meals, I felt that it was necessary for us to have the triple chocolate brownie for dessert. 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t have many photos to choose from due to Adam being in charge of the photography for the evening.  I didn’t really want to post the ones with half of my head or body missing!

Kitchen on George Adam



Kitchen on George Steak

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