The Vintage Sewing Pledge

Recently I have been spending many hours reading different sewing blogs.  I came across a very interesting post; The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, courtesy of A stitiching Odyssey.  I can’t lie, I loved the post but was a bit disheartened when I saw that it was posted back in February.  I thought I was too late!! However, further reading made me find that Marie had pledged about using at least 5 of her Vintage patterns in 2014…and we are still in 2014…woohoo!! I can get involved.

So I pinched the button and realised that my first dress could be part of my very own pledge!  I think it is a great idea to get involved in projects that other bloggers are doing.  This little button on my blog also spurred me on to make the other dress from the 2 patterns that I bought from the antiques store a couple of weeks ago!

So here it is!  The Butterick 3379 – 1970’s pattern!!

I needed to adjust the pattern for my hips and bust but apart from that the construction was pretty straightforward if you paid attention!  Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention and ended up cutting the pattern for the back at the tunic length, rather than at knee length!  Luckily, I had enough material to sew in the extra on the bottom of the back piece, phew!  This dress also had a yolk on the front.  I have never come across this before and I found it OK.  It looked easier than it was.  I found the corners quite tricky so ended up with a little bit of extra material, hopefully this isn’t that noticeable!

Upon hemming the dress, I made it slightly shorter than suggested to suit me better.  In doing this, I actually removed most of the extra bit that I had needed to put on the bottom at the back!

Very pleased with this.  I love the length, the contrasting zipper and the little puffy sleeves!







detail collage

10 thoughts on “The Vintage Sewing Pledge

  1. This looks great! I especially like the zip and the neckline! I was looking at vintage patterns in a charity shop today, there was one I. My size but in a style I just wasn’t sure about :-/ On ebay all of the vintage patterns I’ve seen have about 80 watchers, who knew they were so (sew!) in demand?!

    1. Definitely! I will be looking for a 1950’s pattern in the future, I think the shapes will look much better than the 70’s look! Old patterns are worth the effort, I always wonder who else has used and loved it as much as me 🙂

  2. Oh, and Natalie,

    Thank you girl for deciding to follow me AND include my lil blog in your widget listing. How kind of you; I’m thrilled.



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