My Vintage UFO from 2015

Back at the start of November 2015 I started this dress.  It was supposed to be my final make for the 2015 vintage pledge but I couldn’t quite get it finished in time!


It took me a while to get everything done with it.  It was one of those projects where I would make a small amount of progress and then set it to one side.   In December I made a good amount of progress but then it got put to one side again. So finally, at the very start of January 2016 I actually managed to get the dress finished!


The dress I decided to make was a combination of view 2 and 3; a sleeveless above the knee dress. The front had a curved seam beneath the bust, which had a bust dart at either end. The large front panel was made up from 2 separate panels joined in the centre.  All front seams were topstitched.


The pattern pieces included in this envelope were not matching and they had been not cut very well at all.  So when I came to attach the shoulder seams together, one was considerably larger than the other so I did need to trim the larger one to match the smaller.  I then found that the facing pieces included in the envelope belonged to a different dress completely!  Facings were abandoned and I chose a grey binding from my stash to finish the edges of the neck and arms. I think I just need to add a hook & eye closure to ensure the top of the zip is a little closer together.



My favourite part of this dress is the belt which adds detail to the back.  I love how the white buttons really make the belt stand out. 🙂


Would I make it again?  Probably not.  I don’t really think that this is a flattering style on me, especially as it’s a tad too tight around the tummy area!  I may change my mind when I lose a little weight, otherwise this will be an ‘around the house’ dress. 🙂


Something for me :-)

A lot of my sewing at the moment hasn’t been for me.  I haven’t made a garment for myself since the vintage dresses and the vintage pledge I made back in August!  I bought quite a few vintage patterns to have a go at but unfortunately other projects have taken over and they have been sat in a drawer for a while.  I have decided that I would like to make something for myself once per week.  Last week I made the cute little bag, but it doesn’t really fit into the ‘clothing’ category!

The pattern that I pulled out this week was the Simplicity 8830, published in 1970.  A simple one for the vintage pattern pledge!  The trousers and skirt don’t really appeal to me that much but I liked the look of the floaty v-neck top.  This pattern is a size 12.  According to the measurements on the pattern, I would need a size 16.  However, when I made the last vintage pattern bigger to suit my measurements, it actually turned out to be far too big.  I took a risk with this one and made a straight cut size 12 without any pattern adjusting :-/


The Vintage Sewing Pledge

Recently I have been spending many hours reading different sewing blogs.  I came across a very interesting post; The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, courtesy of A stitiching Odyssey.  I can’t lie, I loved the post but was a bit disheartened when I saw that it was posted back in February.  I thought I was too late!! However, further reading made me find that Marie had pledged about using at least 5 of her Vintage patterns in 2014…and we are still in 2014…woohoo!! I can get involved.

So I pinched the button and realised that my first dress could be part of my very own pledge!  I think it is a great idea to get involved in projects that other bloggers are doing.  This little button on my blog also spurred me on to make the other dress from the 2 patterns that I bought from the antiques store a couple of weeks ago!

So here it is!  The Butterick 3379 – 1970’s pattern!!