Something for me :-)

A lot of my sewing at the moment hasn’t been for me.  I haven’t made a garment for myself since the vintage dresses and the vintage pledge I made back in August!  I bought quite a few vintage patterns to have a go at but unfortunately other projects have taken over and they have been sat in a drawer for a while.  I have decided that I would like to make something for myself once per week.  Last week I made the cute little bag, but it doesn’t really fit into the ‘clothing’ category!

The pattern that I pulled out this week was the Simplicity 8830, published in 1970.  A simple one for the vintage pattern pledge!  The trousers and skirt don’t really appeal to me that much but I liked the look of the floaty v-neck top.  This pattern is a size 12.  According to the measurements on the pattern, I would need a size 16.  However, when I made the last vintage pattern bigger to suit my measurements, it actually turned out to be far too big.  I took a risk with this one and made a straight cut size 12 without any pattern adjusting :-/


I was very impressed with how little fabric this used.  The pattern fit perfectly on a folded 44″ wide fabric.  I bought the green material on one of my first fabric shop outings here in the US; it was a bargain at $2.50 per yard.

Green top pattern layout

Piecing the top together was simple and the instructions were clear.  Next time I use this, I will probably use a light interfacing on the facing pieces to add a little bit more structure.  I still haven’t decided whether to put a bow or buttons on the front… or just leave it plain.

Green top folded view

Green top close up


Once I had made this top, I had the garment making bug again so had a quick go at making the zippy top from See Kate Sew.  This is a great quick pattern to cut and sew together.  I actually used a different way of inserting a zipper, which I prefer to the other methods that I know.  I love the elegant swirly fleur de lis style print on this fabric but it was being naughty for the camera and didn’t want to be focused on :-/  I will definitely be making many more of these tops as they are a perfect for hiding muffin top tummies!

blue top full view


12 thoughts on “Something for me :-)

    1. Thanks! It cut quite well as the full piece of fabric was just folded in half….I didn’t need to think too much about them! I dont think that they are too bad either :-/

  1. Even back then there was a massive price differential between Canadian and American prices! Love the top! I have to ask: were you making the one in the yellow with the notions? Where are the notions?!

    1. Well both tops are actually the same…. you choose to put a bow or buttons on… I haven’t chosen yet! Still can’t make my mind up, may even leave it plain! 🙂

      1. I think it looks great as it is. I’m just curious as to what you’ll add for notions! Often, the notions are my favourite part of DIY projects. 🙂

      2. Yes mine too! I did think about a crochet flower for the centre or the shoulder but wasn’t sure whether it would be too much with the busy fabric!

      3. That’s true! It could make it a bit cluttered since it would mean including another texture. You could always add a crochet flower as a brooch? Or as a detachable piece!

    1. Thanks! I like retro clothes too but often need to alter them to fit me! I spend a lot of time routing through thrift stores and antique shops. 🙂

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