Sunday Sevens #52 – Happy 1 Year Anniversary **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

So here we are! One year in! ONE WHOLE YEAR OF SUNDAY SEVENS BLOG POSTS! I can’t actually believe that we’ve reached this far…I actually thought that I would give up half way through but I enjoy posting Sunday Sevens so much…how could I possibly stop posting?!

52 weeks ago Sunday Sevens began. A little blog series where I shared 7 photographs from my week and invited other bloggers to join me. Now one year on, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who have joined in with Sunday Sevens. Many bloggers have joined in with posting their own Sunday Sevens; some every week, some for part of the year & some whenever they can. It has been an absolute pleasure to read about what people get up to in the week and it has been great to make some blogging buddies along the way. So to everyone who has been a part of Sunday Sevens, whether blogging, reading or commenting – THANK YOU!

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Sunday Sevens #49

I hope everyone has had a great week! We have been quite busy this week – sewing, dog training  & lots of walks. The weather is still hot but I’m hoping that the storms next week will keep things a bit cooler. Air-con is my best friend at the moment!!

1. My new planner came. I’m hoping to be more organised with crafting, blogging, sewing & cooking! Fingers crossed!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award :-)

Last week I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Beth over at After Dark Sewing!  I had never heard of this award before but was thrilled to receive a nomination, and after reading up on it I actually felt a little warm fuzzy feeling inside my heart. 🙂 So, thank you Beth!  It’s very much appreciated!  You can check out her lovely VIBA post here!


Sunday Sevens #38

This week I’m treating you all to an extra photo! I meant to include this last week as technically it was bought on Saturday but I did forget! When we were in Joanns buying home things, I couldn’t pass up a fabric bargain! I bought these fabrics…4 of them are 2-3 yard cuts. They were on the sale cart for $1.50 & $2 a yard AND I got an extra 20% off 🙂 I can feel a few summery cotton dresses being made!


Sunday Sevens #37

This week has been warm! Like very warm! Despite the heat, I managed to get a few things done…thank goodness the air conditioning for keeping the apartment cool. 🙂

1. After deciding where I wanted most of our pictures, they had been leaning against the walls for a while – it was a job that Adam was putting off! I decided to hang them myself and I think I did a pretty good job. These are the ones on one wall in the living room.