Sunday Sevens #75

Wooooohoooo! I’m on time this week! Adam has surprised me by making our dinner, so I’m using this opportunity to quickly write my post. Hope you’ve all had a great week!

1. Buzz went off to the vets to be neutered. He does a fantastic ‘Feel Sorry For Me!’ face!


2. I want to organise my patterns (+pattern notes) electronically so I’ve started taking pictures of each pattern I own. They will soon be uploaded onto Evernote, and I’ll probably do a blog post to show the full process at some point.


3. Starting to organise my sewing patterns made me have a little organising spree…starting with our second spare/craft/hobby room.


4. And then the garage.


5. After a few days of buying different cones/collars to prevent Buzz from getting at his stitches, we finally found one that he couldn’t get his head around. Maisy got in on this photo too πŸ™‚


6. Tutus were made!


7. The tutus were then worn at the Foam Glow 5K in Pensacola, Florida! My friend and I completed it in 35 minutes and I am so proud of our time! We said that we would be pleased if we did it in an hour so we were super happy when we did it in just over half of our predicted time! The husbands came along too and said they would walk it….but we are still wondering how they managed to be waiting for us on the finish line! I think some cheating may have occurred on their part! Over 3000 people took part, luckily we got in line as soon as it opened.


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29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #75

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m at the point now where I’ve seen quite a few garments and I can’t fully remember what changes I made to the pattern, or which fabrics would be better to use etc! I’m looking forward to getting it all done πŸ™‚

  1. My dear Buzz, I’m so sorry to see what they’ve done to you. My humans did it to me a long time ago too. And then they have the nerve to make you wear those ridiculous things around your neck. I send my deepest sympathy and can only suggest you make yourself look as sad/cute as possible to get extra biscuits. Hope you feel better soon mate. Woof! Woof!

    1. Thanks Mr Hicks! I keep forgetting that I have it on, so I bounce off the sofa every time I try to jump onto it! I’m having my stitches out today though…woof woof!

  2. Poor Buzz looks like more cone than dog in that picture! Hope he feels better soon. I use Evernote for recipes, and I’ve always thought it would work well for patterns, too; if you took pictures of the back of the pattern, you could look up needed yardage while in the fabric store, which would be awfully handy. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.

    1. Yes, it’s a big cone…we had to get the larger one so his snout couldn’t pop round and get the stitches! He does run into everything though 😦
      Thanks – I’ll let you know how the Evernote organising goes!

  3. I’ve heard about using Evernote for pattern organisation before, it’s a level of organisation I can’t begin to attempt! Is it so you can check how much fabric you need when you’re out and about?
    Hope Buzz is ok & hasn’t been too sure. Was Maisy sympathetic?
    Well done on completing the 5k so quickly! I did wonder why you were making tutus….

    1. Yes, and I want to use it to record the changes I make to each pattern in detail πŸ™‚
      Buzz has turned into a little monster with this cone on! Maisy hasn’t given any sympathy, she’s not sure why he can’t play!

  4. Lol buzz does look cute in that cone.
    I recently created a pinterest board of all the patterns I own so I can browse them for inspiration. But I haven’t organised beyond that… one day

    1. I agree completely! I love how things are when they organised πŸ™‚ I have just shut the door on our spare room for now though…the dogs keep stealing everything I place on the floor!

  5. Digital organisation of patterns sounds far too high-tech to me! I tend to favour the scrabble-through-box-after-box-until-you-find-it-or-not method:)

    1. Haha…that’s what I’ve been doing too but then last week I ripped 2 of my vintage ones 😦 I’m also rubbish at recording the exact changes I make to the patterns – I do talk about changes on the blog, but not the measured details!

  6. I have Evernote but not really used it much so I love the idea for using it to keep track of patterns. I have so many knitting patterns that I have scribbled on filed in different places around the house, it would be good to have some kind of system in place to keep track of them all, and the changes made to them! Well done on your 5k run, that’s a brilliant time.

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